Global village

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Global village

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Global village

The global village is an event that combines the cultures of the world in one village. The Global village starts from November to April. The village consists of many pavilions from all over the world with 30 pavilions, which include Indian, UAE, Qatar, USA, Thailand, Turkey pavilion, etc. Each pavilion symbolizes its culture either with their food, cloth, or even furniture of product. The variety of items you see in the Global village is astonishing, from the east to the west. The village also has a section that is a designated area for an amusement park. It has many rides that are suitable for kids and adults. In front of some pavilions is a small stage where they can perform their traditional dances and songs either from India, China, or Lebanon. On the side of the village and kind of in the center is a large stage where all the villages come to dance, sing, and share their culture and traditions with the others.

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Turkish delight

Turkish Ice Cream

Turkish tea cups

Turkish Lights

GV entrance

Chinese Pavilion

Turkish sweaters

Turkish pavilion



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