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Global Cuisine Y7-8 Tech Manatory

THAI FOOD Thailand has 4 main regionsThais use a fork & spoon for eatingThere is no difference between what type of food to eat for breakfast lunch & dinnerThais believe it is bad luck to eat meals on your ownAll Thai meals are seved with riceA typical Thai meal has 4 seasonings: salty, sour, sweet & spicyMany different types of chillis are used in Thai cookingFish sauce is integral to Thai cookingFruit is the common desert served in Thailand

RUSSIAN FOOD Russian food is mainly carbohydrates and fats rather than proteins to provide energy in the long winters Fresh fruits & vegetables are rarely used in foodsTop 5 Russian components are potatoes,bread, eggs, meat & butterCabbages, mushrooms, tomatoes & apples are commonRussians eat a variety of soupsDeserts are typically pancakes with honey & creamRussians love to drink vodka, beer & tea Cured meats & smoked fish are widely eaten in RussiaPork is a common protein in Russian dietsSauerkraut is a mixture of shredded cabbage & salt & spicesRoot vegetables, wild mushrooms & coarse breads are Russian staples

MOROCCAN FOOD Morrocan food is served in the centre of the table in earthenware bowlsMeals are served with olives, salads & breads followed by the meat tagine Deserts are fresh fruits served with mint teaMoroccan eating areas are typically beautiful tiled walls with luxurious cushions and furnishingsCouscous is known as a gift from Allah & a staple in MoroccoSaffron, mint, oranges & lemons are ingredients grown in Morocco Commonly used spices are cinnamon, tumeric, ginger & paprikaOrange blossom oil is used throughout many dishes & is splashed onto the palms of guests when visiting a homeHospitality is very important as making a guest feel welcome is part of Islamic teaching

MEXICAN FOODMexican history shows Mexico has given chocolate,peanuts, beans,vanilla & tomatoes to the worldThe most common ingredient used is cornCorn flour is used in most meals as well as sweetsChillis & tobasco sauce are common ingredientsCandy is an integral part of Mexican cuisine & is also an art formNopales is a type of cactus sold in jarsCorriander is the most common herb used in Mexican dishesAnnato is a red seed used for its earthy flavour and colour and is used to also dye fabric

ITALIAN FOOD Italians like their food freshly cooked,microvaves are unheard ofSauces, wines, sausages,pasta, cheeses & breads differ from region to regionThere are more than 600 pasta shapes produced world wideThe average person in Italy easts around 51 pounds of pasta per yearThe main meal of the day is lunchPizza was invented in Naples in the 18th centuryItalians eat many unusual foods such as donkey, hedgehog, peacock & snails Wood fired ovens & pasta machines are every day cooking equipmentCheeses such as parmesan,bocconcini & gorgonzola are used regularilyItalians take pride in coffee making

INDIAN FOOD In India people eat more vegetables than meats80% of Indians are HinduThe religion Hindu is vegetarianMeat is expensive & harder to source Indian spices are an integral part of their cookingIndian food varies from region to region due to religious, geographical and veritiesGarram Masala is a blend of herbs & spices used in everyday cookingDahl is a mixture of beens, peas & lentils & is a staple of Indian cooking and very high in proteinCoconut,cardamon, chilli & chicken are common ingredients


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