Global Communication

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Global Communication

The big technological changes take place in the last decade. This has created new oportunities for freedom of expression. Now, peolple can say what they feel and thing just by giving a click. And we can know what is happening in the other part of the world in a second.

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Global communication technology and technological innovations on human culture

This affects our community because some people is getting used to talk just by phones or computers or what ever they use to communicate, and they don't talk in real life. They create a false personality in the web, so they're cool people, so they they're afraid to go to the real world because they think people won't accept them as they are. This is why technology affects our communicate, people use it in a wrong way, so they get everything easy and they forget how to think.

Technological Innovations is the set of new and modern skills tat enable design and create goods and services that facilitate adaptation to the environment and satisfying the essential needs and wants of humanity in a society.

Techonological innovations on human culture

Gobal communication technology

How this affects our community?.

In the past, people started communicating by smoke signals, by drawings in the wall or by sounds. Then, they use the birds to send letters to other person. Then, they create the telegraph. Then, they create the phone, much bigger than modern phones. Then, they continued improvin this phone. communicating is easier now because of the internet, if we don't have internet, this would be much different.


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