Global Climate Change

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Weather and Climate

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Global Climate Change


THE BASICS- Global warming is the increase of global warming due to the increase of carbon dioxide.- The Greenhouse Effect is when heat is trapped in our atmosphere due to the emission of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dixoide and methane gas. Carbon dixide and methan gas are important because without them, the world would be too cold.- The burning of fossil fuels releases more carbon dioxide which increases the greenhouse effect.- Volcanic activity is a natural factor in climate shift.

THE DEBATE ON GLOBAL WARMING- Supporters of global warming use the evidence of the rising temperatures between the time of the Industrial Revolution and now.- Scientist, David Suzuki states, "The truth is, as most of us know, that global warming is real and humans are major contributors, mainly because we wastefully burn fossil fuels."- Evidence against global warming includes that natural factors are causing the temperature of the Earth to rise rather than human interaction.- Sallie Baluinas states that "the sun is in an unusually steady phase compared to similar stars, which means that reconstructing the past historical brightness record may be more risky than has been generally thought."

MY OPINION- I believe that human are causing global warming because there is an obvious corelation between the extremely high carbon emission levels and the rising global temperature. - In order to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, I would reduce the amount of fossil fuels being burned and mandate the constuction of more windfarms and solar panels. Even though the reduction of the buring of fossil fuels with hurt the economy, other jobs will be created with the constuction of the alternative forms of energy.


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