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Global Citizen

A Global Citizen is someone that takes an action to make our world a better place.

FernGullyIn this movie, one of the character is Ferngully, a fairy that lives in a rain forest, is considered as a global citizen. Ferngully wanted to stop the humans from destroying the rain forest. One of the rhetorical strategy in this movie, is Allusions. It reffered to what had happened back then, where cutting trees are invovled.

Global Citizen

The LoraxThis book talks about how industry is damaging our nature. The rhetorical strategies is imagery and foreshadowing. It referred to once-ler, when he took an advantage of the trufulla trees and ended up regretting it. He did not limit his cutting of trufulla tress until he realized he ruined the nature.

The petroglyphsThis art persuaded people why we should preserve our nature. The petroglyph showed how the nature was very important. The rhetorical strategy is persuading strategies. The author gave the reader to think why we should preserve our nature.

Inconvenient Truth This video described the distinction of the earth's present time and 50 years ago. The rhetorical strategy is descriptive information. This information gave evidences of how the Earth is changing throughout the years.

Silent Spring Rachel Carson's novel, influenced and persuaded people to care about nature through writing. The novel explains how pesticides is very bad to our nature and it can harm nature very bad. Carson's rhetorical strategy is persuading readers by using her scientific evidences.

The Monkey Wrench Gang Edward Abbey used characterization as a rhetorical strategy. The characters of this book wrote about the nature, how to preserve mountains, rivers,desert and many more. They used similes and metaphors to explain their thoughts about nature and how industry is ruining our nature.

Muir,Emerson and Thoreau These essays describes the beauty of nature. The authors' rhetorical strategies are vobcabulary, diction and pathos These strategy made the essay very persauduing to the reader. One of the message that the essays' were telling the reader is the love nature, "Gift from God." This message gave a huge impact to the reader's emotions.


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