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Global Citizen

FernGullyThis movie is about a magical rainforest, which is protected by fairies. One fairy named Crysta befriends a human named Zak. At first, she does not realize that Zak is part of what was destroying the forest, which was an oil company. Once Zak notices the true beauty and magic in FernGully, he tries to save the forest. In the end, Zak is considered to be a global citizen by putting his life in danger in order to save the forest.

The LoraxDr. Seuss' children book, "The Lorax" tells the story of the Lorax, who is the speaker of the trees. The Lorax tries to stop the Once-ler from making thneeds, but it was too late and most of the truffulas trees were gone. The Once-ler told the boy, " Plant a new Truffula. Treat it with care.Give it clean water. And feed it fresh air.Grow a forest. Protect it from axes that hack". There was one seed left and with the help of a little boy, the trees came back. The Global citizen in the story is the Lorax, because he tried to stop the industrialization, the boy, because he was the one that actually planted the trees, and also the Once-ler, because he knew his mistakes and took actions to solve them.

An Inconvenient TruthAl Gore talks about the current situation with global warming. The book is filled with facts and pictures. “Global warming, along with the cutting and burning of forests and other critical habitats, is causing the loss of living species at a level comparable to the extinction event that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. That event was believed to have been caused by a giant asteroid. This time it is not an asteroid colliding with the Earth and wreaking havoc: it is us.” This quote in the book shows Al Gore's arguement about global warning. Al Gore is a global citizen because he addresses the issue of climate change to help spread the word to stop it from ruining the beauty of the planet.

Monkey Wrench GangEdward Abbey writes about a group of misfits, who are environmentalists.Each of the four people have their own way they contribute to saving the world. This character driven story is a great example of a group of global citizens. Edward Abbey uses different characters to show that different kinds of people can be global citizens. They are all global citizens by performing acts like bombing a dam and putting billboards on fire, in order to see the true beauty that lies.

Emerson and ThoreauBoth of these men admire the beauty of nature. In their essays, they give clear description surroundings. Emerson and Thoreau writing style are similar. They used personification, imagery, and descriptive words to describe the surroundings in their writings, which makes them seem like global citizens.

Art of Ancient NevadaThis pamphlet is filled with facts of petroglyphs, ways of preserving petroglyphs, and the history of petroglyphs. It has many rhetorical strategies like imagery, "This style has large rectangular and circular forms internally decorated with straight lines, serrated lines, or wavy lines." This pamphlet differ from the other sources because it only dealing with rock art formations.

Letters from John MuirJohn Muir wrote an array of letters throughout his journey in Nevada. His letters consists of his feelings and thoughts but includes lots of personfication, imagery, and many other rhetorical strategies.

Silent SpringRachel Carson's novel Silent Spring explains the harmful effects of using pesticides.On page 297 it said, "It is our alarming misfortune that so primitive a science has armed itself with the most modern and terrible weapons, and that in turning them against the insects it has also turned them against the earth". This sentence perfectly describes Rachel Carson's reasoning for writing Silent Spring. Her knowledge and agruements to this issue makes her a global citizen.

Mary Hunter AustinShe is an American author, who writes books and poems. Her poems are mainly based on nature. In the poem Blue-Eyed Grass, " Blue-eyed grass in the meadow, And the laden bee's low hum, Milkweeds all by the roadside, To tell us summer is come." The words in this stanza are related to nature shows her familiarity with the environment.

Global Citizen

A Global Citizen is someone who admires nature and is motivated to make the world a better place. This person will do anything to protect the earth and save the planet.


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