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Global Citizen

Global Citizen?We were asked to describe in our own words what a global citizen is and after analyzing all of the text I have a global citizen is this: A global citizen is a person who cares deeply about nature. A global citizen is someone who is able to make the importance of nature known to all ages the way that Fern Gully and The Lorax were able to do. A Global citizen is able to take one look at nature and appreciate all of its beauty the way that Ralph W. Emerson and Thoreou Walden did and is also able to describe nature's beauty through personification the way that John Muir did in his letters. A global citizen is able to appreciate the past and the way nature represents the past the way that the petroglyph pamphlet had done with petroglyphs. A global citizen is able to be very upfront when confronting an issue the way that Al Gore did in his book An Inconvenient Truth a global citizen knows his or her limits unlike the characters in the The Monkey Wrench Gang who were extreme activists. Most importantly a global citizen is able to stand up for what they believe in no matter how small they seem compared to the issue at hand as demonstrated by Fern Gully and Racheal Carson in her book Silent Springs.

The Lorax The Lorax is a story about a boy going to the Once-ler to find out information on trees and the Once-ler tells his tale on how when he was young he went into the forrest and started to chop down trees in order to take their furr to make sweaters. Eventually his business takes over and the forrest ends up getting destroyed and their are no longer any trees in existence. The Once-ler expressed his appreiciation for nature even though he was the one who destroyed it before giving the last tree seed to the boy to plant. This story is an example of a Global citizen in two ways: 1. The way that the person who was fulling invested in industry (Once-ler) sees the effects that industry has had on nature and attemps to right his wrongs. and 2. The way that this story is set up so that children of all ages can understand the importance of nature. In these two ways The Lorax is similar to Fern Gully because Fern Gully to allows children of all ages to understand the importance of nature and at the beginning of the movie the main character was the man chopping down the trees but at the end of the movie he was the one who stopped the machine, he to tried to right his wrongs. The difference between the two is that The Lorax was written with a rhyming scheme to it where as Fern Gully did not have any type of rhyming scheme. The Lorax was also in form as a book where as Fern Gully was in the form of a movie.

Fern GullyFern Gully was a story about a man who worked in the forrest and chopped down trees. When he almost got into an accident a fairy saves him by turning him into a fairy! Once a fairy he goes on an adventure and realizes how important nature is. In the end he ends up stopping the bad guy (industry) and they live happily ever after. The main character is an example of a global citizen in the way that he knows what he did in the past was wrong and so he tries to fix the problem, similar to what the Once-ler decided to do in The Lorax. Silent Springs by Racheal Carson is also similar to Fern Gully in the way that the fairy in Fern Gully was extremely small compared to the tree chopping machine but still stood up for what she believed in the same way that Racheal Carson did by writing Silent Springs and getting great feed back but also being attacked by many angry people. Furn Gully is different from Silent Springs because Silent Springs was aimed at adults but Furn Gully was made for children like The Lorax.

Silent SpringSilent Springs was a science fiction book that was about pesticides. This book shows the ugly side to pesticides and revealed how harmful pesticides were to our earth. This book also caught scientists "sugar-coating" the harm that pesticides could cause to not only the earth but to ourselves. This book recieved mixed responses not only because Carson was a women but because pesticides was the best thing that had happened at this time and after this book many regulations came about. The way that this book brought to light the effects that pesticides has on nature is a perfect demonstration of a global citizen. An Inconvenient Truth by Al Gore is similar to this book in the way that both books give you the ugly truth upfront, these two authors did not sugar coat anything. Fern Gully is similar to this book to because both books demonstrate how a global citizen sticks up for what they believe in even though they are tiny compared to the issue at hand. However, Fern Gully and Silent Springs are different because Fern Gully is a fairytale while Silent Springs is a science fiction.

An Inconvenient TruthAn Inconvenient Truth was a book written by Al Gore. This book is about the effects that global warming has on the earth and how global warming has become a big problem and if we don't take steps to try and stop global warming in the future it is going to be a tremendous problem. This book shows how much the Al Gore cares about the environment which is a characteristic of a global citizen. In this book Al Gore puts the ugly facts about global warming out in the open the same way that Racheal Carson does in her book Silent Springs. The difference between the two books is that Racheal Carson uses illusion in her story.

Emerson and ThoreauEmerson: His essay was about nature and how it is breath taking and how the common farmer does not ever take the time to stop and look at how the beauty that surrounds him and it is a shame that all that beauty goes to waist. Thoreau: His exerpt was from his book about solitude. Thoreau says that animals are natures watchmen. We humans are a small part of a big experiment and we are never truly alone because we are surrounded by nature and our own thoughts and those to elements never stop. Nature was here before we were and we need to respect that. Emerson's essay was an example of complete admiration toward nature, Thoreau's too appreciated nature but it was more of an understanding of the significance of nature and the respect we mist have toward nature. Emerson and Thoreau are similar to John Muir but in different ways. Emerson is similar to John Muir because they both describe nature in the same way, when they talk about nature they don't describe it as being harsh, they decribe it as being gentle and full of mystery. Thoreau, John Muir and Fern Gully are similar because all three pieces of literature use personification. However, Emerson and Thoreau are written for adults oppose to Fern Gully which was written for children. Emerson and Thoreau are differ from John Muir because they were written for different reasons.

PetroglyphsPetroglyphs is a pamphlet called Art of Ancient Nevada. This pamphlet was about the petroglyphs in Nevada. It gave information on styles of petroglyphs and ancient people who have created these petroglyphs. This pamphlet appreciates petroglyphs which over all is admiring nature in the past and have it is relevant in present times. Admiration toward past nature is what I consider a characteristic of a global citizen. This pamphlet is similar to Thoreau in the way that both pieces take recognition of the past. They are different because the pamphlet is aimed solely toward petroglyphs but Thoreau's piece is aimed toward nature in general.

The Monkey Wrench GangThe Monkey Wrench Gang is a story about four characters that come together and decide to help the environment in drastic ways and eventually the police are after them so they are on the run. The four start to seperate and thing about their own futures. At the end of the book the four discover who they truly are. This book shows examples of a global citizen in the way that the four characters are very driven in their desire to help the environment just maybe not in the right way. This book is similar to Silent Springs and the John Muir letters because all three use imagery to help describe what they are seeing. This book is different from Silent Springs and the John Muir letters in the way that it takes a more violent rout than the others do, Silent Springs is intense but not violent and John Muir letters have a light-hearted atmosphere.

John MuirJohn Muir wrote a collection of letters as he traveled through the west to Nevada and Alaska. These letters contain detailed descriptions of what Muir encountered along the way. In these decriptions Muir speaks about nature as if it is this graceful, mysterious, beautiful thing. The deep admiration that Muir shows for nature is characteristic of a global citizen in my definition. Muir uses what a lot of other global citizen writers used and that is imagery, this is what letters of John Muir, The Monkey Wrench Gang, Silent Springs, and Emerson have in common. Also Emerson and Muir describe nature in the same way. The difference between John Muir,The Monkey Wrench Gang is The Monkey Wrench Gang and SIlent Spring is that The Monkey Wrench Gang is a story and Silent Spring was created to bring a problem to light but John Muir letters were strictly observations.


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