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glob 4

Melinda has been making poor decisions. She has been skipping school and has not been doing her school work.. In my opinion, she needs to explore the different cliques in her school. Maybe she can meet other people or ask her old friends for forgivness. Melinda is having trouble completing the tree project and her art teacher, Mr. Freeman, has given her a book on Picasso. Melinda seems like a person who has had family issues and needs to work them out with her parents.

Pg:128"Complete and total loser. Not quite sane. Stay away. Do not feed."Pg:122" Art without emotion is like chocolate cake without sugar. It makes you gag."

"Use Somebody" Kings of Leon.Melinda and Heather aren't friends anymore because Heather believes Melinda wasn't supportive and a good friend. Melinda has a feeling that David Petrakis has a crush on her. She is trying to focus on her tree and the art teacher gives her a book to help her with creating the tree. Since Melinda was caught skipping classes, she now has to be in detention. She was grounded for her behavior at home. Melinda decides to change her ways by studing for her exams and acing them which earns her a reward for her good behavior.



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