[2015] Emily Kisor: Glimmer

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[2015] Emily Kisor: Glimmer


District One

Glimmer has prepared for the Hunger Games her whole life. She is trained and ready. Most of her competitors are no way near ready.Glimmer is a better choice than most of the others. You make a good choice if you choose Glimmer. She has way more experienced has most of the other tributes.

District One makes luxury items. They make items like rings watches, and so much more. District One is one of the wealthiest districts and one of the best! District one also makes cosmetics, which all the people in the capitol wear!

Glimmer lives in District One. District one is manly mountains. And is also located next to the Capitol. Glimmers district makes the Capitol people look nicer and wealthier!

Glimmer will shine like a diamond in the arena.

Glimmer is good with many weapons but she the best with a knife, spear, and slingshot. Glimmer is fast, good at hinding and has many other skills. Glimmer is also good at finding food in the woods.

Glimmer has trained for this her whole live. She is readyto go into the games, if you don't choose Glimmer you are making a bad choice. But the voting isn't open long. Voting ends June 15, 2115. Please sponsorGlimmer now! She needs your help now!


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