The Glen Canyon Dam (by ganchinlin)

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The Glen Canyon Dam (by ganchinlin)

The natural temperature range of the water (32F-80F) instead became a constant 46F.

The flow of the Colorado River was stifled.

Reduction of silt


ABOUT THIS DAMThe Glen Canyon Dam is a concrete arch dam on the Colorado River in northern Arizona, United States. It was built in the late '50s and early '60s to provide hydroelectricity and flow regulation from the upper Colorado River Basin to the lower.


Archaeological sites once protected by sandbars become increasingly exposed, vulnerable to gradual erosion and finally destruction.

Out of 475 sites, 336 have or could be affected by the dam. Flow alternatives could allow for the long-term preservation of the sites but none can stop the erosion completely.

Sediments travelling with the river are blocked by the dam.

The few sediments which do enter Colorado river are transported ineffciently due to the weak flow and velocity of the water.

It is also devoid of nutrients as these are mostly bound to sediments, which are blocked by the dam.

This impedes reproduction by the warm water species of the river, shifting species composition and reducing biodiversity

All these reasons caused 3 species of fish-the Colorado squawfish (below, first), roundtail chub (below, second) and bonytail chub (below, third) to become extinct and five more species to become endangered. Also, many species of fish, amphibians and insects who use sediments as habitats, spawning ground or protection were greatly imperilled without them.

The Rainbow Bridge is the world's largest natural known bridge, used by the Navajo Indians to perform many religious rites. Upon completion of the dam, the Navajos had to worry about the rise of Lake Powell waters into the wash below Rainbow Bridge threatening the arch and the Navajo rites.

The impounding of water from Lake Powell not only drowned several Navajo gods, it denied Navajos access to a prayer spot. Allowing tourists was also permitting desecration of the sacred nature of the site.


Limits Mexico water supply


Bureau of reclamation reduces water flow

Less electricity is generated

Less economic revenue

Damming of Colorado River

Limits Mexico economic development and reduces domestic water supply.

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