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Social Studies
World War II

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Gleiwitz camp

Gleiwitz was a subcamp of Auschwitz. It was a complex of four camps where they were working for different industrial and mining companies.

What was a concentration camp? A concentration camp was a camp were the Jewish people were forced to go to. They were tortured and forced to work. Adolf Hitler and the German Nazi soliders put the Jews in these camps because they did not like them, and because of their religion and looks. The camp were built to fit a lot of people. A lot of people was killed in these camps.

Gleiwitz I

The Gleiwitz I camp lasted from March 1944 - January 18, 1945. It consisted of railroad repair. It also had 1336 prisoners.

Gleiwitz III

Gleiwitz II

Gleiwitz IV

Gleiwitz II also lasted from May 1944 - January 18, 1945. This camp consisted of production of coal tar, repair of machinery, and factory expansion. In this camp there were 740 male prisoners and 371 female prisoners.

The Gleiwitz III camp lasted from July 1944 - January 17, 1945. It consisted of renovation of halls, production of weapons, ammunition, and railway wheels. In this camp 609 people survived.

Gleiwitz IV lasted from June 1944 - January 18, 1945. Here it was consisted of expansion of Barracks, repair of military vehicles, and laboring in airports, roads and port. There were 444 prisoners in this camp.