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How It's Made

Soda Ash


Limestone's chemical formula is CaCO3. Limestone is both a covalent and ionic compound. Limestone tends to be a light or tan color. It is a sedimentary rock and fossils from corals and other animals can be found in limestone. Limestone is very acidic and can contribute to hard water. Limestone is used in glass because it stops the glass from dissolving in water due to soda ash.


Silica's chemical formula is SiO2. It is a covalent compound. Silica in its purest form is clear, but can take on a different color is another substance is present. Silica acts like metal in a way, meaning it is good conductor. Silica is also radioactive. Silica is used in glass to make it clear.

By Katelyn Jurasek


Soda Ash's chemical formula is Na2CO3. Soda Ash is both an ionic and covalent compound. Soda Ash's apperance is usually in a powdered or granular material. Soda Ash reacts with limestone and is used as a water softener. Soda Ash is used in glass to make the process more efficent and to speed up the process. It reduces the temperature needed to melt silica by about 1000 degrees celcius.


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