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Gladys Aylward

Chinese Foot Binding

Gladys Aylward(1902--1970)Missionary to China

"These are my people, God has given them to me, and I will live or die with them for HIm and His glory." -Gladys Aylward

Background:*From London, England*Eldest daughter of a mailman*Did not excel as a student and began working as a maid at age 14*Accepted Jesus as her Savior at 18 & felt called to China as a missionary

Complications: *Given probationary status with a British missions organization, but later denied service.*Lacked funds to travel to China but continued to work for 4 more years to earn money to go*Could afford only dangerous land passage to China; faced deadly travel along the way.

Mule Inn


Contributions:Helped Mrs. Jeannie Lawson transform their residence into a mule inn for travellers. There they shared lodging, meals, and the gospel with travellers.Helped rescue and protect Chinese victims of foot bindingHoused orphans and injured soldiers during war.Fled with 100 children and travelled 100 miles over 27 days to safety in Sian; suffered sicknessEstablished 2nd orphanage in Taiwan

'Ai-weh-deh' (Virtuous One)


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