Gladiators: Money

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Gladiators: Money

Money Aspect!Gladiators were sponsored by Adelies.(Riggsby) Emperors paid taxes for gladiators because they believed it was so important to watch the fights.(Bunsen)The fighters made money from winning each fight.(Girod)Trainers were paid to help gladiators.(Marks)The fighters were volunteers looking for fame.(Zograf)Seats at the front of the stadium were reserved for the more wealthy.(Coleman)

Comparisons:Athletes pay money to have trainers to advance their skill in the sport they play.Spectators pay more to sit closer to the action.Many athletes have sponsors.

Thesis StatementGladiators have influenced the money aspect of the 21st century sports.

Gladiators: Money

POLL!Do you think Gladiators contributed to the way athletes are paid today? Be prepared to explain!

“As Rome grew more powerful, the gap between rich and poor widened causing unrest among the city’s poor. The Roman government tried to distract and control them with “bread and circuses,” free food and violent entertainment. The most popular-and the bloodiest-shows were the combats between the professional fighters known as gladiators.” (Marks)

Fun FactsCombatants who were repeatedly successful could be rewarded with their freedom, though never actual citizen status. (McBeath).The word "gladiator" comes from the Latin word for sword, gladius.(Bomgardner).Additionally, the gladiatorial combatants and games represented a telling reflection on Rome's perception of the people whom the empire had conquered.(Grolier)They went to ludus, or gladiatorial school in order to be a gladiator.(Lanista).


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