[2015] Zach Lebovitz: Gladiators

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[2015] Zach Lebovitz: Gladiators


Gladiators could be slaves or freedmen. Gladiators were purchased by local business men, the gladiators trained in troupes and were selected to fight in a battle.

The gladiators trained and lived at these barracks in Pompeii called the Gladiator House. After 62 CE, the gladiators moved their training ground to the portico of a large theater.

Some types of gladiators in Pompeii and Ancient Rome were Thracians, Murmillos, Retiarii, chariot fighters, and cavalry men.

The amphitheater in Pompeii was built in 80 BCE and it was known as one of the oldest amphitheater.

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On tombs on the major roads leading to the city, graffiti was commonly found detailing the outcomes of gladiatoral combat.

The graffiti detailed the names of the gladiators, how many bouts they fought, and how much they actually won.

Not only were gladiator bouts not always to the death, but on the other hand, these bouts sometimes took place at a wealthy person's funeral.

Although as you can see in the picture to the left that that is a beast fighter, gladiators rarely fought beasts. Other fun facts are that some women were gladiators, some famous gladiators were treated like celebrities as profesional athletes are today, and sometimes the emperor fought in a staged gladiator bout kind of like how WWE is staged wrestling.


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