Glacier Valleys

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Glacier Valleys

DepositionWhen a glacier valley displays they are pushed of the side of the glacier and then it is drop off by the glacier when it passesThere are different types deposition items like a pair of layers and rock sediments

Glacier Valleys

How do they changeMudslides change landforms by moving them material and carving away the land beneath itThe movement of a mudslide reshapes the land by eroding the surface and carrying broken rock pieces and soil to another place

ErosionHighland areas are usually created by erosion and not deposition There are different rates of erosion between the main valley and the valley that enter along its sides

How does it formWhen more snowfalls enter during the winter then melts during the summerWhile the layers build up the ice recrystallizes crowd up it forms a big sheet

Cool Factsanother name for glaciers are glacial troughAs the glaciers slide up, they pick up rocks and grind away at the valley floor and sides, pressing the "V" into a "U." When the glacier melts, a U-shaped valley marks the spot where the snow and ice once flowed.When a glacial valley melts the water flows into another body of water then it is left as hanging valleys on the walls of the main glacial valleys

Where are they foundThey are found in mountains range

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