[2015] Haily Miller (Neibert 4): Glacier glogster

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[2015] Haily Miller (Neibert 4): Glacier glogster

Haily's Travels

My travel area: Argentina

Dickson glacier

Perito Moreno glacier

Polish glacier

Upsala glacier

Patagonian Maras

Perito Moreno glacier collapse

Perito Moreno as calving is happening

Some major glaciers found in Argentina are : Perito Moreno, Upsala, Dickson, and Polish.

Some interesting facts about glaciers in my travel are: the Perito Moreno glacier is more than 19 miles long. More than 300 glacier in Argentina. Some glaciers you can only reach is by boat. Perito Moreno is surrounded by ice capped- mountains.

Unique features of glaciers in my travel are: Perito Moreno empties into a lake right at the point were two branches connect. The Upsala glacier is feeding nearby the Perito Moreno glacier. Perito Moreno is the 3rd largest reserve of freshwater in the world. Perito Moreno is one of the most major tourist attraction in Argentina.

Some features people are most likely be able to see in my travel area: Wildlife, Perito Moreno glacier- 3rd largest freshwater in the world, Patagonia- best spot to whale watch and get great views, Upsala glacier- well known for rapid retreat.

Some erosional features people may see in my travel area and how they are formed: Cirque- bowl shaped depression in mountain. Glacial erosion- water melts which creates cracks in the bedrock. U-shaped valley- erodes on all sides and leaves valley behind. Arête- two cirques meet up creating tall wall between them.

Some depositional features people may see in my travel area: Mountain glaciers- ice slowly flows out of cirque and into valley. Till- dragged along bottom of the glacier. Out wash- leaves smooth plains of sand from glacial meltwater. Esker- ice funnel in glacier filled with sediment left behind as ling ridge.


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