[2015] Andreea: Giuseppe Verdi

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[2015] Andreea: Giuseppe Verdi

Carlo Giuseppe Verdi and Luigia Uttini were Verdi’s parents and he had a younger sister called Giuseppa. Giuseppe Verdi had married twice, his first wife was Margherita Barezziand his second wife was Giuseppina Strepponi. Verdi had two sons with Margherita, Virginia and Icilio.

Giuseppe Verdi


Famous Works


He was born the 10th october of 1813 in Italy and he died the 27th of January of 1901, in Milan because of a brain hemorrhage. His music belongs to the Romantic period 1820-1910.

Rigoletto La Traviata Requiem Falstaff Nabucco Otello Il Trovatore String quartet in Mi minor Don Carlo La Forza del destino

He received his first organ lessons at the age of 7. Verdi studied compositions with Fernandino Provesi in Busetto.He moved to Milan to continue his studies but the Conservatory of Music didn’t accept him. When he finished the studies he came back to Busseto. While he was writing an opera his wife and two sons died the opera was a failure. Three years later, he writes Nabucco. In this opera he met Giuseppina Strepponi. Later he bought the Villa Sant'Agata near his homeland. After he was choose as a member of the first parliament of Italy.Then he decided to retire.

Giuseppe Verdi is famous for its themes of freedom, heroism and love.

TestWhat was his full name? a) Giuseppe Fernando Francesco Verdi b) Giuseppe Francesco Federico Verdi c) Giuseppe Fortunino Francesco VerdiWhere did he born? a) Le Roncole, Busseto (Italy). b) Venice (Italy). c) Milan (Italy)How many operas did he write? a) 32 b) 28 c)50How many times was married? a) Never b) 3 c) 2Which of the folowing operas didn't write Verdi? a) Turandot b) Rigoletto c) La Traviata



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