girls + math=excellence

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girls + math=excellence

I remember constantly asking my mom "why?". Why can't I see the moon every night? Why do skunks stink so much? Why can't I put a soup can in the microwave? I also remeber my mom asking me: What do YOU think? She never gave me the answer right away. She always asked for my ideas first. It made me CRAZY! But it also made me an independent thinker. I am a mathematician because of my mom.

My parents let me make up repices in our kitchen and take apart old TVs and telephones. I made many dinners that did not taste good, but I learned so much through trying out different combination of ingredients!

"Young children continually construct mathematical ideas based on their experiences with their environment, their interactions with adults and other children, and their daily observations" (Copley, 2010, p. 5). What experiences do you give your daughter?

As a kid I played chess, hop scotch, and card games. I didn't know it then, but these are math and science games. I am looking for a young girl who would like a mentor in the math field. Who is your daughter mentoring?

girls+ math=excellence

Effective strategies to encourage girls to get involved with math: showing videos of women in nontraditional jobs; providing girls with female mentors and engaging girls’ interest through hands-on activities. (Bogue, et al., 1999)

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