Girl with a Pearl Earing

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Girl with a Pearl Earing

Johannes Vermeer

Girl with a Pearl Earing

Seventeenth-Century European Art

Johannes Vermeer (1632-1675)"Vermeer ranks among the most admired of all Dutch artists, but he was much less well known in his own day and remained relatively obscure until the end of the nineteenth century. ""In 1653, Vermeer married the daughter of a wealthy Catholic divorcée; the painter converted to their religion and moved into their house in the heart of Delft. " Though his career was short, Vermeer's paintings commanded a very high price. Vermeer died at age 43, leaving behind his wife and 11 children.

Vermeer studied the styles of seventeenth-century artists. As he grew as an artist, he focused on naturalistic effects, he constantly tested against direct observations. Throughout his work, Vermeer became very preoccupied with optical effects, the behavior of light and changes of focus. "Vermeer idealized a domestic world occupied mostly by women, whose postures, behavior, and in some cases expressions suggest close study. He often suggests some connection between a figure and the viewer, subtly casting the latter in the role of a spellbound voyeur."

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Historical or cultural trends or events that influenced the artist and this piece of art…

-England declares war on the Netherlands -Bubonic Plague started in spring and summer of 1665 -Money dried up as a result of the wars, no doubt influencing his work and leaving Vermeer in poverty and eventually dying at the age of 43 from either stroke or heart attack; caused by stress according to his wife. -He converted to Catholicism in 1653 and lived with his mother-in-law in a highly-Protestant part of the city.

- The painting exhibits various elements of visual art. The lines of the painting were drawn softly and did not seek to be clearly divisive, so as to create a smooth transition from the girl to the background of the painting. - Space is evident for much the same reason; the background is a soothing black which allows the viewer’s eyes to focus comfortably on the girl for long periods of time. - Color is the most prevalent of the visual elements in this painting. The art exhibits soft-hued gold robes and the blue headband, and bright whites of her eyes and earring. - The implied reflection of light off of her bottom lip gives depth and texture to the art through the use of color.

The use of artistic elements of this piece of art…


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