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Girl in Blue

Girl In BlueBy: Ann Rinaldi


Sarah Louise Wheelock doesn't want to belong to any man. So when she is forced to wed an abusive husband, she runs off to join the US military. She goes under the name of Neddy Compton, and while at the camp in Washington DC, she meets Dr.Hammond. She works as his assistant before she goes off to fight on the borders of Virginia. Sarah Louise was fighting for the North in the civil war. While Sarah was going to fetch food for camp, she finds someone and brings them back to camp........


This story takes place during the Civil War in the 1860's. The United States was in the middle of the war, so women were not allowed to be enlisted in the military. In the 1800's it was uncommon for women to have real jobs, with the exception of cleaning houses and cooking. They were mainly seen as housewives, caring for children.


Sarah Louise Wheelock- (main character, protagonist) a brave, couragous, and defiant 15 year old girlMrs. Rose Greenwood- (main character, antagonist) She is a rich, snotty, mean, troublemakerLieutenant Sheldon- He is a brave couragous, officer Dr. Hammond-(antagonist/protagonist) He is smart, couragous, brave, and defiant

Girl In Blue takes place in the town of Washington DC, Virginia, USA in the 1860's. It is during the civil war.

The theme of this story is, "everything has a price worth paying"I know this because in the story it states, "As mama always says, everything has a price worth paying." Since here mom said this, Sarah was inspired to fight in the Civil War.



Civil War1863

White House in Washington DC

Documentary on the Civil War


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