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characteristics:giraffs have very long necks they stand 5-6m tall and males are taller that females, they weigh around 1,192 kg. A giraffe can sprint up to 60 km/h.

The giraffe is a mammal that lives in Africa, India and a few other places around India. Their main foo source is acacia leaves that other mammals cannot reach.


BabiesThe giraffe gives a live birth and she carries the calf in her stomach for 400-460 days. A new-born giraffe is about 6 feet tall, and the father plays almost no role in raising the calves.

HabitatGiraffes are found in many places in Africa and southern Asia. They usually live in Grasslands, Saqvannas, And open Woodlands.

FeedingGiraffes eat mostly during the first and last hours of the day. They eat leaves and branches off of trees and plants, Giraffes are Herbivores

- the giraffe is the tallest mammal in the world-Giraffes spend most of their ives saning up they even sleep and give birth while standing-No two giraffes have the same spot pattern-They can run up to 35 m/h-Giraffes hiss, snort, and make flute-like sounds that are too low for human ears.

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