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Appearance:Adult Giraffes can grow up to 14 to 19 feet! Their weight can go up to 600 pounds. They have horns and spots on them. They have long purple sticky tounges.

Diet:Giraffes eat acacia leaves, which makes them herbivores.They get their food by wrapping their purple tounges around thorns.

Habitat:Giraffes live in savanahs and grasslands of Africa.Giraffes live in places such as Kenya, Rwanda, South Africa, Uganda, Tanzania and many more

Life Cycle:Male Giraffes live with their mothers for 15 months and females live with their mothers for 18 months. Then males leave their mothers and start their own group or join a group.When Giraffes are 3 to 5 years old they start mating. After done mating females have calves of their own.

facts:On every giraffe there is a unique pattern on it's coat. A giraffes enemies are lions, crocodiles,hyenas, an leopards. giraffes have been put on the endangered species list. They are classified kingdom: Animaliaphylum: Chordataclass: Mamaliaorder: Artiodactylafamily: Giraffedaegenus: Giraffaspecies: Giraffa- Camelopardalis.Ancient giraffes had shorter necks then giraffes today.


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