[2015] Jackson Krider: Giovanni Da Verrazzano

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[2015] Jackson Krider: Giovanni Da Verrazzano

Giovanni Da Verrazzano

Giovanni was born in 1485 near Val di Greve, 30 miles south of Florence. He was born into a wealthy aristocratic family. He was well educated in many subjects.

Giovanni sailed for France even though he was born in Italy. He pursued a carrer as a mariner, and moved to Dieppe in 1506. From Dieppe he sailed to the Eastern Mediterranean and afterwards may of siled to newfoundland. In 1523 Francois I sponsered him to voyage to North America.

Giovanni Discovered New York Harbor while looking for a passage to the Pacific Ocean.

Giovanni wrote one of the first accounts of North Carolinas coast and native americans. He also greatly added to the knowledge base of mapmakers in the terms of the geopgraphy of the coast of North America.

Giovanna had difficulties in his first journey to North America. He lost two of his ships in a storm and lost one more in a battle with Spain, eventually the La Dauphine was the lone survivor. He also could not find a passage to the Pacific. Finally he was killed by a hostile group of Cannibals on an island.

Giovanni discovered New Yok Bay. The Verranzzo-Narrows Bridge is named after him. He made an early first-handed account of North Carolinas Coast and Native Americans.


Life Part 1




Impact on World


In 1524 He sailed across the Alantic Ocean and landed in the Outer Banks of North Carolina. He could not see the Mainland of North America. He thought that he had found a way to the Pacific Ocean. After this he sailed North and became the first man to explore New York Harbor.

Life Part II

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Born in 1485.

Died in 1528.

Set Sail For North America.

Discovered New York Bay.

Late 1523

April 14th, 1524

By: Jackson Krider


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