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Giovanni da Verrazano



LegacyGiovanni da Verrazzano added greatly to the knowledge base of mapmakers in terms of the geography of the East Coast of North America. In honor of the famous explorer, the bridge spanning the Narrows between Brooklyn and Staten Island now has his name.

Early Life He was introduced to adventure and exploration at an early age and went to Syria and Egypt which were considered nearly impossible to reach at that time. Also, he was first famous for raiding Spanish and Portugese vessels and stole two million dollars worth of gold.

On his first expedition he had four ships and two of them got separated in a storm. Both got attacked from Spanish ships and the one Giovanni was on survived and was seaworthy and the other one was not. He came to find a route through America to get to the west. On his second he landed at Lesser Antilles and got ambushed and got eaten while his brother watched from the ship.

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