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Giovanni Caboto



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My name is Giovanni, or John in English, Cabot. I was born in Genoa, Italy. I married Mattea Cabot and we then had three children named Sebastian, Lewis, and Sanctius. On my voyage, I sailed from England to North America, hoping to find a Northwest passage to Asia. I sailed along the coasts of Labrador, Newfoundland, and New England. I claimed this land, which I thought was Asia, for myself. I brought my son Sebastian on this voyage with me.

1450- I was born in Italy. 1470- I became a navigator. 1479- I sailed from England to North America. 1479- I discovered America. 1495- I moved to England. 1496- Henry VII authoried my trip Asia, even though he had earlier rejected that same voyage to Christopher Columbus. 1499- I died in England.

I was the first explorer to reach North America after the Vikings. I became a skilled navigator. I discovered that spices originated in the Far East, and I made the plan to sail westward and reach Asia.



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