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Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini


The Agony in the Garden

Holy Allegory

Self Portrait




Lived in Venice

He started using oil paints in 1473

This shows humanism because of the amount of detail in the face.

This was painted with oil on a canvas and it captures Mary, Peter, Job, and St. Sebastian

The materials used for this are unknown but in the painting we can see that he drew himself in front of a scenic cloud landscape.

This shows humanism because of the focus of humans and detail to them. It also shows naturalism because of the water and the scenic background behind the people.

This shows naturalism because of the softness of the colors of the background and how it looks real. It also shows humanism because of the natural way that the clothes drape.

This work was created with tempera on panel and this shows when Jesus went to pray and asked Peter, James, and John to stayawake, but they didn’t.


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