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Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini (1432-1516) was born in Venice Italy. Son of the venetian painter, Jacopo Bellini. He was trained in his father's workshop and was influenced by paintings made by his brother-in-law (Andrea Mantegna). Between 1470 and 1473, Bellini visied the court of Urbino and saw paintings of Piero della Francesca.

-The greatest of a group of painters known as Madonnieri who specialized in images of the Madonna and Christ child.-Created works on the theme of 'sacra converazione' (sacred conversation)-Was appointed the official painter of the republic of Venice in 1483


He developed a strong feeling for color, nature, and representation of human emotions. From the paintings of Piero della Francesca, he learned how to render space by using perspective and color. Giovanni was introduced to modern methods and ideas by Mantegna.




Agony in the Garden. 1459-1465.Jesus is praying in the evening after his arrest. God sends an angel to comfort and strengthen him. (The angel can be seen at the top right hand side of the painting. The angel holds a cup to symbolize Jesus' sacrifice. The soft light used suggest a hope for salvation. Giovanni used foreshortening in this painting. Individualism: Focuses on Jesus' feelings and hope Naturalism: Giovanni includes the rocky land everywhere Type: Painting

Madonna of the Meadow. About 1500Jesus is sleeping in the virgin's lap. There's farmland and the hills of Venice are in the back. A bird to the left of Madonna is attacking a snake. This could sybolize the struggle of good and evil. There's a vulture in the tree that could symbolize death. The facial expressions are neutral with closed eyes. The only colors that stand out are on Madonna.Type: Oil and EggHumanism: Focal point is on Madonna an Jesus. Madonna looks like she is praying over jesus.

Holy Allegory. 1490-1500.This painting has many symbols. Holy Allegory could represent purification of the soul. There are children playing with a tree that could symbolize the knowledge tree. (A symbol of life and wisdom). Giovanni included nature and people. The people are standing on marble while there's a lake in the background, showing the different values of the renaissance. Type: Oil on CanvasHumanism: The children playing with the knowledge tree adds the focus of life and wisdom that humans have.Naturalism: Giovanni includes a huge lake with mountains in the background. The huge lake also supports the representation of purity.



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