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Giovanni Bellini

Born in Venice, Italy in 1430, Giovanni was the son of an already famous renaissance artist. He grew up in a very artistic environment which led him to be a painter. Toward the beginning of his professional career, Giovanni was often compared to his brother Gentile, but eventually became more independent in his artistic styles. This was mainly due to his adoption of Northern techniques, like using oil paints. His ability to blend colors with oil made him stand out from other renaissance painters. However in his later years, he veered away from his usual style and began experimenting with more secular and atmospheric art. He also was the founder of the well known Venetian Art School in Venice. Bellini died in the winter of 1516 most likely because of old age.


1430- Birth of Giovanni Bellini1453 - Paints his first piece: "Saint Jerome in the Wilderness". The same year his sister marries Andrea Magtegana, an artist. 1476 - Meets Antonello de Messina and shared styles. 1479 - Bellini becomes painter for the Great Council of Venice.1515 - Finishes his final painting: "Venetian Gentelman".1516 - Died

Giovanni Bellini was an amazing oil painter during the renaissance time. He painted both religious pieces and landscapes. His deep and vibrant uses of color made him unique and brought him many wealthy patrons. He was a master of realism and even opened the Venetian Art School to teach his techniques to young art scholars. Some of his famous pieces include: The Crucifixion, The Virgin and Child with Two Saints, The Agony in the Garden, and The Feast of the Gods.

Lasting Impact

His techniques are still taught and used by many artists around the world. His contribution to the evolution of realism has guided many modern artists as well as those who came only shortly after him. His style of painting using oils is now common among painters.


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Giovanni Bellini



Below is a video collection of Giovanni Bellini's artwork from throughout his life.

Young Giovanni Bellini.

The Feast of the Gods and The Crucifixion are two of Bellini's most famous pieces.

This painting depicts the Venetian School of Painting that was founded by Bellini.


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