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Giovanni Bellini

Giovanni Bellini was born in the early 1430's. He worked and lived in Venice Italy all his life. Giovanni's Father and brother where major influencial factors early in his life, his first paintings where mostly religiously based. Later on in his life he takes more of a Realism art form. Giovanni prefered to paint in oil on wood or canvas. he prefered oil because he thought that it was the only type of paint thatbhe could layer and blend without any infraction. Some say giovanni was so talented that they could tell the hour, day, and season the painting was portraying. Giovanni lived a long life. He died in the year 1516.


1430 - birth1479 - replaces his brother at hall of the great council Venice Italy1514 - Paints "Feasts Of The Gods"1516 - Death 1577- Giovanni's greatest works of art are destroyed in a fire

-Established a great concrete definition of realism for all artist to base there works off of.-Overtook his older brothers spot of painting at the hall of the great council.-Turned his family into an art dynasty. Multiple generations of talented artists,-succsesfully transitioned from naturalism to realism in his paintings

Giovanni's lasting impact was simple. He was a source of inspiration for the artist shortley after him. such artists as Lorenzo Lotto or Vittore Carpaccio. we can even see that impact by going to galleries and comparing his realism to other realism artist after him.

Lasting Impact

Giovanni Bellini




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