Gingerbread Houses

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Gingerbread Houses

Mrs. Kobane's Class will make gingerbread houses on Thursday, December 20th. Each student needs to bring in one bag of small unwrapped candy that can be used to decorate the gingerbread houses. Please send in your item by Tuesday, December 18th.Thank You!Mrs. Kobane

Some kinds of candy we need: But please be creative and bring anything that looks good for gingerbread houses!m&m 's mini marshmallows skittles mints red hots chocolate chips gum drops gummy bears gum balls jelly beans Necco wafers small hard candy elf or gingerbread shaped cookiesWe also need: Plain Graham Crackers Powdered SugarWilton Meringue Powder (available at Michael's) Decorative Small Paper Plates Plastic Wrap

Gingerbread Houses


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