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Ginger pye by Dalie Healy

Ginger Pye

Ginger Pye is a very intellectual dog, but no one knows it untill one day when Jerry Pye earns a dollar for dusting the pews at church.. Jerry also has a sister named Rachel and a 3 year old uncle Benny that help him earn the dollar. After the job is done they rush over to the farm to buy Ginger for one dollar. On the way home with Ginger they hear footsteps but don't really suspect a thing. Later in the book after they find a yellow hat they put a red mark on it and name the mysterious figure Unsavory. Ever since the day Jerry brought Ginger home Ginger has done many coragous things like climb up the fire escape just to give Jerry his pencil. Unexpectidley on Thanksgiving day Ginger went missing! Many holidays came and left, but still no sign of Ginger. Jerry searched everywhere but no Ginger in sight. One day Jerry went on a picnic and found a cave. Jerry thought that that had the be the spot Ginger was in but it was closed off. More months went by and thorough out those month Jerry never gave up and just kept searching for Ginger. One day while Jerry and Rachel are looking for Ginger they see a friend from school Wallie Bullwinkle wearing a yellow hat! Jerry and Rachel think it's just their imagination though. Later they see Wallie on the trolley to New York as his YELLOW hat falls of his head and Jerry and Rachel check to see if it has the read mark. IT DOES! He did have a yellow hat after all. Was Ginger on the trolly too? Wally was on his way to New York, so they could not try to catch him.. When they went to Wally's house with Cheif Larrimer (police officer) broke down the doors. Whent hey walked inside they found posters of circus dogs, but still no sign of Ginger. When they walked outside they saw a small shed in the corner with signs that read BEWARE BIG DOG even though Ginger is a little dog. (They did that to trick them.) Inside they found a bunch of nawed on bones and old rags with Ginger colored hairs on them, but no Ginger. At that point they thought Wally took Ginger to be a circus dog in New York because of the posters. He must have been kept in there. There was a frayed rope tied to a hook. Ginger must have been tied to that rope. Still no sign of Ginger, so they said their goodbyes and left. This is what the story said '' When Jerry and Rachel drew near their house on beams place they stopped short in amazment for a very extrodinary sight greeted them. Their were Mamma and Papa and Gramma and Unncle Benny all standing on the Pyes front lawn under the chestnut tree. And there was a strange dog tearing around and around in a wider and wider circles, snorting painfully, and acting half mad.'' It was Ginger. he leaped up and licked their faces with joy. He was a full grown Fox Terrier, and he was white-and-brown. As soon as jerry and Rachel spotted him they cried ''Ginger Ginger!'' Ginger had a long frayed broken peice of rope tied to his neck like the one they saw at Wally's shed. Uncle Benny was the one that found him because he heard a frantic barking and it was coming from Ginger. He had a big cut on his forehead and Jerry hoped it was just from jumping over the fence and not from being beaten.. Jerry would never let that happen again.THEEND

My favorite part is when they find Ginger because it is so heartwarming and touching.

Why I liked this book

The authtor of this book is Eleanor Estes here is a picture of her.


I rate this book 5 stars


The main charecters are Jerry, Rachel, and Ginger Pye.

"Then he lowerred his head down on his paws again and let out a deep sigh that sounded almost like a sob, there was so much relief and pain and pleasure and remembering."

Favorite sentence

There is also a book called Pinky Pye.

306 pages

I like the mystery

By: Dalie Healy

This is just how smart Ginger really is.


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