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My issue is that trash is killing our animals in our National Parks. I am very worried about this because I really love animals. We must all work together to fix this issue!!

I love animals

Fixing this issue could be hard to fix, or easy to fix. It could be hard, because we could just sit around and have our world get swallowed up by trash. Not only does the trash effect the animals, but it can also effect us. Or we could go outside and pick up some trash.

Did you know that when animals eat trash, especially plastic, they can feel full? And when they eat this, they will get sick and eventally die. This will make the population go down.

Stop Littering...NOW!!!!!!!!!!

Did you know that the United States produces more trash than most states?We produce so much, that we have a lot of air pollution and water pollution.

Use the internet! Some websites can tell you about how to help, or can tell you about upcoming events that you can participate in.



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