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Gilgamesh spends most of his time abusing his citizens and angering the gods. They send Enkidu to tame and educated him, at which point he learns to love and care for all his citizens. He conquors the Cedar Forest and finishes building Ururk with the wood from his victory.

NOTES on Gilgamesh

Education...of the people of Amcient Sumeria through the trials and learning of their King, GilgmeshFriendship...and how equality is what forms lasting bonds between people, so we should strive to balance our lives and relationsImmortality...and how life isn't just being, it's also the legacy and memories you leave behind


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Gilgamesh...king of Uruk, he starts a tyrant but grows into a heroEnkidu...created as a wildling to tame and befriend Gilgamesh and join him on adventuresShamash...the god who helps Gilgamesh learn and growIshtar...goddess who falls madly in love with Gilgamesh but tries to kill him when he refuses her


Having angered the Cedar Forest gods, they strike down Enkidu to teach Gilgamesh a harsher lesson in humility. He seeks out immortality from the help of a guy who survived the flood of the gods, but finds there is no cure for death. When he returns, he realizes his good deeds, adventures, and Ururk will be his real immortality in name and spirit.

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In the second half...

In the first half...

The Epic is an ancient Sumerian tale from what is the now the modern Middle East. It was told to immportalize their king, but also reveals the values, morals, needs, wants, and desires of the society as a whole.

The epic was etched into clay tablets up until around 600 BC. It was not translated until the 1950s tho! In fact, the tablets are so broken up that we even discovered a new one this year in 2015--the first one found in 150 years.


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