Gifted & Talented Instructional Strategies

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Gifted & Talented Instructional Strategies

AGENDA - Agendas are personalized lists of tasks that students must complete in a specified amount of time. Students choose the order for completing items but are held accountable for completing ALL items.

TIC - TAC - TOE FOR SOCIAL STUDIESStudents will pick (3) activities from a grid of (9). The activities must complete a "tic-tac-toe" on the grid.

Instructional Strategy

COMPLEX INSTRUCTIONS - Students work in small groups with assigned roles . All students are expected to achieve the same essential understandings.


DEVELOP AND RUN A COMMUNITYStudents will research and identify the elected officials for a community.Students will research and identify the resposibilities of four community leader.Students will hold elections and elect classmates into each position.As an elected goverment, students will perform the resposibilities required of their elected position.The goal of the project is to establish a functioning community with an operating budget, infrastructure and basic business plan.Teacher will provide situational information that based on decisions of students will determine community success or failure.

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