Gifted Preschooler

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Gifted Preschooler

Gifted Preschoolers

Is your preschooler gifted?


General Characteristics of a Gifted Preschooler

Curriculum Needs for the Gifted Preschooler

Special Needsto Not be Overlooked

What does a preschool gifted class look like?

Example of Preschool Gifted Activities

- Hearing and visually impaired-Autisum-Asperger's Disorder-Emotional disturbances-ADHD-Severe physical disabilities

-Dramatic Play-Block Play-Brainstorming allowed-Free writing-Open ended visual art-Published student work-Cooperative work on projects-Art activities with a variety of materials

-Inquisitive-Competitive-Creative -Loner-Bossy-Huge Vocabulary-Great with abstract reasoningEnjoys meaningful and intelligent conversation

- Dr. Deborah Ruf: project funded by The U.S. Department of Education and The University of Souther Mississippi(2005):Appropriate Practices for Screening,Identifying and Serving Potentially Gifted Preschoolers-Davis, Rimm and Siegle(2011): Education of the Gifted and Talented


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