Gifted Girls

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Gifted Girls

Eduactional Programming

Davis and Rimm, (2004) remind us that, “while many early educators simply ignored the education of females, some were explicit in designing education to maintain women’s subservience to men” (p. 339). Females’ education was not valued or encouraged. The trend continued after the schooling age. Females were highly discouraged from pursuing scientific interests or career. Davis and Rimm (2004) recall a slight change that occurred during World War II when “mobilized women scientists joined the laboratory, women were forced to leave their occupations after the war” (p. 340). Males who worked the same jobs as females earned a higher salary. Females were not allowed to vote until the 19th Amendment was passed. The value of males’ education continued into the work force.

The issue of gifted girls begin treated differently has been a concern in our society for many years. Many historical events demonstrate the belief that boys should be provided with greater educational opportunities than girls.

What factors lead to gifted girls being singled out as a special population deserving of special attention?

Gifted Girls

Continued Factors...

* Avoid General Stereotyped Books, Films, and Other Media In The Classroom* Equaly Encourage Femals To Particupate In Competetive Activities*Expose Students To A Varitety Of Successful Female Models

for girls

Davis and Rimm (2004) shared that “there were very few women in medicine, law, business, government, art, serious media, or music until the 1960s” (p. 340). Each of these events as well as other contributed to the belief that educating males was a higher priority in our nation. Fortunately, the education of females is being valued more now than ever before. Females are pursuing advanced degrees, careers in high paying fields, and seeking knowledge in many areas that used to be unobtainable for women by society’s standards.

* Inform Girls From Lower SES Families about Careers* Encourage GIrls To Take lEadership Roles In The School*Equally Stress Career Achievements For Males And Females*Provide All Female Group Guidance Experiences


Continued Female Programming


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