Gifted Education Models

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Gifted Education Models

There is a broad base of able learners in schools whose needs should be addressed.

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Renzulli vs. Pyramid

Rankings: My favorite programs are the ones that address the broadest range of learners and include all able learners; providing a range of resources for several levels of able learners at different points in the curriculum. Although a broad base of learners should be served, I also recognize that some gifted and talented learners should be served in special classes or schools designed to meet their needs, rather than grouped with learners with different abilities and needs, or lower achievement levels and potential.

Both of these models of gifted/talented education instruction involve reaching a broad base of talented learners and provide comprehensive and differentiated education for able learners and high ability students on a school-wide level. Both models also separate out the students based on levels of giftedness. Where the Pyramid Model uses a pyramid structure with most learners at the base of the pyramid receiving enhanced instruction in the general classroom from trained teachers, the middle of the pyramid receiving instruction in special classrooms, and the top tier receiving instruction in special schools, the Renzulli Model uses a three-tiered approach to grouping. In the Renzulli model all learners receive instruction via exploratory activities in tier one, and skills training in tier 2. However, gifted and talented students receive instruction using investigations and problem solving at the tier 3 level, and have their instruction compacted to buy more time at this level.

Compare and Contrast

Able learners and gifted and talented learners have different needs that must be addressed through differentiation of the curriculum.



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