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Independent Study for Gifted Learners

Curriculum Follow-Up Activityby Kimberly DeFusco

Define the Strategy: Independent Study should be:* self-conducted by students*investigative journies or artistic productions*carefully planned with teacher*monitored frequently*learner thinking, feeling, acting like a practicing professionalbased on research by Kitano & Kirby, Renzulli & Reis

Existing Models

Autonomous Learner Model - Betts & Kercher

Enrichment Trial Model - Renzulli

Implementing the Strategy

1. Introducing the Independent Study - describe steps to students, due dates & examples2. Selecting a Topic- students should select their own topic of investigation3. Organizing the Study- teacher can assist with mapping or focusing topics- organizational structures include: descriptions, comparisons, cause/effect or problem/solution.4. Asking Questions- begin writing big questions & seeking general answers- use organizational categories to generate questions5. Choosing a Study Method- teacher encourages students to utilize varied methods of gathering6. Gathering Information- primary sources, secondary sources, identify biases7. Developing a Product- encourage students to think outside the 'written report'8. Sharing Information- share informally or formally - need to practice & polish9. Evaluating the Study- formative & summative, self-evaluation & by teacher


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