Gifted Children

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Gifted Children

Gifted Children

I can assist gifted children by:-providing them with a challenging and stimulating environment-enriching/accelerating curriculum where appropriate-allowing them to work with intellectual/ability peers-supporting them with their emotional/social needs-providing a wide variety of reading material at their level and interest-exposing them to the creative arts-providing a nurturing environment with unconditional acceptance-figuring out what their interests and learning styles are

I will be honest, I used to believe that it would be easier to parent a child who is gifted. Another predujice I held was that parents would know how to advocate for their gifted child. I know realize that both of these are not always true. As far as gifted students, I used to believe that they would be gifted in all areas. A fear I used to hold is not knowing how to best nurture the gifted learner.

My experience working with parents of gifted children...

The Story about ...

How can I meet needs of gifted chidlren and their parents?

I have had one identified gifted child in my 2nd grade class. I had a positive experience working with her parents. They knew their child was exceptional and wanted what was best for her. They were very appreciative of me and the school for supporting her academic, emotional and social needs. I can see how a teacher may encounter some negative experiences as well if parents are not willing to support their gifted child's education. Another issue that may arise is that parents may want their child to be accelerated but the school and/or teacher are not in agreement. This could also happen vice versa. It is important for parents to become their child's advocate. In the article, "Tips for Parents: Educational Advocacy", Sinclair lists 10 tips for parents to advocate for their gifted child. He warns against allowing 'teacher observations' if the parent is pushing for acceleration. He states, "support their leadership and suggest that all issues be reviewed in a reasonable time so modifications and changes can be addressed, if needed" (pg. 2).

Fears/Predujices I used to have

I can assist parents by:-giving them books, articles, and websites on gifted children-listening to them-asking them about their child-keeping them informed-discussing various acceleration options for their child

How can we support gifted students emotional/social needs?

What I have learned...

From the article, "Ten Things All Administrators Should Know About Gifted Children", I learned that gifted children have different abilities, interets, motivation sand personalities. With that said, it is imperative to get to know each gifted student and decide (as a team) what program would meet their needs. Parents are valuable partners in a gifted child's education. A gifted child also has social/emotional needs that may differ from their typical peers. They should be allowed to interact with intellectual peers as well as peers and adults with similar interests. Above all, gifted children need a nurturing environment both at home and at school. They should feel that it is okay to make mistakes. Traits of gifted children that may seem to be annoying can be channeled into productive behaviors when given the right environment.


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