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gift of magi

The Gift of Magi

The author uses figurative language to emphasize how good or bad the situation is. This story has many unfortunate situations and which make the figurative language neccesary. Ex. Which is always a tremendous task, a mammoth task.

Pathos Example:It said Della only had $1.87, but needed to buy a gift for her husband. She loved him and wanted to give him a gift on Christmas.Impact on Story:The author uses pathos to emphasize the conflict. It creates a hopeful mood. The reader wants Della to either gain money, or the love of her husband.

Plot StructureThe author uses plot structure to create suspense, as the story developes, we fear that worse things will happen. The climax, or greatest point of tension, is when Jim cascades down the steps as Della is waiting with her short hair and gift.

NarratorThis story is mostly told from the perspective of Della, but it is third person omnicient because we know things that Della doesn`t. He does a brilliant job describing the emotions of Della throughout the story."Out of his trance Jim seemed quickly wake" This shows that it is not completely from Dellas perspective.



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