[2015] Tayla Tayla: Giaos story

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[2015] Tayla Tayla: Giaos story

Travelled by?Giaos family travelled by boat like the other 65,000 Vietnamese boat people that were accepted into Austraila between 1975 and 1985 seeking asylum.

Giaos story

Prior to migration Giao was born in the north of Vietnam he lived with his parents, two brothers and a sister his family owned a small shop selling groceries.

Reasons to migrateWhen the civil war broke out in 1946. Made life very difficult and when the North won against the south. People no longer had any freedom. Which lead many Vietnamese to leave the communist government on boat to Australia including Giaos family in 1978.

Life in AustrailaWhen Giao and his family arrived in Austraila they were taken to a refugee camp they had to start again with nothing.The culture was different and the food was different which took a few weeks to get used to. They all had to learn English and get a job.Giaos mum and dad started a plant nursery. Giao and his family made a very successful life in Austraila with good careers and university.

The civil war 1946

The Vietnamese boat people

South Vietnam flag

North Vietnam flag

This is a refugee camp

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