[2014] Science1: Giant Pandas are going EXTINCT!!!

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[2014] Science1: Giant Pandas are going EXTINCT!!!

What people are doing to help the Giant Panda's!!! The World Wildlife Fund has developed a conservation plan for the pandas. The plan includes 14 new panda reserves and five areas that will connect patches of panda habitat. The connected patches will allow pandas to move to other areas where they can associate with other pandas and mate to increase the panda population.

FYI on Pandas

Panda's about 8 months

Where Giant Panda's live

The Panda is enjoying bamboo

Why Giant Panda's are in trouble

are going


Pandas love cold, damp mountain forests where bamboo thrives. Why? Because bamboo is their favorite food. Depending on the species, it can take 10 - 100 years to flower and die. After the plant flowers and drops its seeds, it takes a year to sprout and grow tall again. But it can take up to 20 years before it can support a panda population! Meanwhile the pandas must move to new areas in search of food. In the past, this wasn't a problem, but today, about one billion people live in China. Many farm the lower slopes of the pandas' mountain home. Pandas' habitat is now only half the size it was 15 years ago. Unless the present habitat is expanded, pandas are in serious trouble.

Giant Pandas

Natural History Of PandasGiant Pandas have been around since the late 1860's. They were introduced in the west. When they were first discovered, they were no bigger than the housecat. It is suspected that the Giant Panda grew to their giant size to adapt to their poor nutrition such as bamboo, which is 99% of the panda's diet.

Giant Pandas Genus Species.The Giant Panda's genus species is Ailuropoda melanoleuca.

This is what baby Giant Pandas look like when first born. Another picture is right below the Genus Species.

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