Giant Panda

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Giant Panda

Animal: Giant PandaGroup Members: Kimberly,Tabitha,Heidi, DiegoT! We hope you enjoy our Presentation Please pick our Giant Pandas!!!

Location Giants pandas live in:ChinaZoos around the worldTemorpate Forests

Important Adaptions: Bamboo helps them survive

Giant pandas live in:Temperate ForestsMountainsTrees

Diet: BambooInsectsSmall AnimalsRodents

predators:leopards jackalsyellow throwed marten

reason for endangermentpeople are taking over their habitatpeople are killing them for their skintheir also hard for them to find matestheir even having trouble finding their food

current efforts Without food Pandas move to another areaTry to protect Giant PandaDont let people destroy their habitatsDont let people cut down their trees

Why You Should Help Our AnimalThere only 1600 Pandas left in the wild because people are destroying their habitats and their food write letters to the governmentcould build a habitat for the pandas

Other Interesting FactsGiant pandas love to eatGiant pandas are part of a bear familyGiant pandas use their back molars to chew bamboopeople are taking over their habitat


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