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giant panda

Giant Pandas are a very endangered species. And people are the main reason for this. You may ask how because it is so highly illegal to hunt pandas. Well, it is actually not because of attacks that pandas are so highly endangered. It is really caused by humans cutting down so many bamboo forests, and bamboo is mostly what pandas live off of, and there is so little nutrition in it that they have to eat so much of it. Cutting them down usually starves many pandas.

1. pandas have a thick layer of muscle on their gut so that they are protected from the splinters of the bamboo.2. it is very rare for them to have twins, and if they do, the second one will not survive.

Yummy!bamboo is my favorite!!

3. ninty-five percent of the panda's diet is bamboo.4. the female and male wrastle playfully before mating.5. giant pandas like to live alon except when a female has a cub. but she still does not raise the cub with the male.

6. it may look like a bear, but when you get closer, it shares many features with the racoon.7. the giant panda's scientific name is latin for "black and white cat foot". the name is Ailuropoda Melanoleuca

8. giant pandas are very good changes almost daily where pandas live.10. pandas are one of the few animals in china whose parts have not been used to make medicine.

I like to raise my cub alone.

this is squishy. He is my ball.

What a great nap!


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