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Giant Panda Poster

The World Wildlife Foundation's logo has been a Giant Panda since they were founded in 1961.

Newborn Giant Pandas area only about the size of a stick of butter.

Giant Pandas are cuddly mammals with black and white fur. They inhabit the mountainous, heavily forested region in Central China, with fewer than 1,600 living in the wild. They live in temperate bamboo forests, broadleaf forests, and coneiferous forests. The Giant Panda eats almost nothing but bamboo. Ninety-nine percent of their diet is made of the fast growing grass, while the other one percent includes the occasional small rodent, other grasses, musk deer faws and other foods that zoos feed them.

The Giant Panda was added to the endangered species list by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on January 23, 1984.

The Giant Panda's paws have six digits, five fingers and one opposable thumb.

The Giant Panda has few natural enemies, among them are jackals and leopards. The yellow-throated marten is also a predator that will eat the giant panda cubs. Giant Pandas can weigh from 165-353 pounds as an adult, they are 4-5 feet long with a 5 inch tail, and are 2-3 feet tall at the shoulder.

The Giant Panda is endangered mainly because of what humans have done. They are suffering from habitat loss because humans are illegally logging and clearing land for farming in the bamboo forests where Giant Pandas live. Another factor is the poaching of pandas. Poachers would kill and sell the Giant Panda pelts on the black market for three times their annual income. They were also harmed when poachers set deer traps and the Giant Pandas were caught in them.

The Giant PandaAiluropoda melanoleuca

By Kylie Akiyama

China has over 30 Giant Panda reserves that prevent habitat loss and poaching from affecting the pandas. Giant Pandas are also protected in zoos and there are many breeding programs to help raise the population.


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