[2015] Sofia Summers: Giant Panda

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[2015] Sofia Summers: Giant Panda

And now for interesting facts. They have an extension of wrist bone and it acts as a thumb. In the wild they can live up to 20-35 years. The oldest panda in a zoo died age 28 in 1999. Sadly, there are about 1,000-1,600 left in the wild. I hope you enjoyed learning about the Giant Panda.

They are endangered because of habitat loss. People are farming, and forest clearing where they used to live. Their predators are humans, leopards, and birds of prey. They are now protected by law and scientists are trying to find solutions to save them.

They have a simple diet. They are omnivores and they eat bamboo, fruits, and rodents. Did you know that bamboo makes up 99 percent of their diet? Because of that they have very strong teeth for eating the bamboo. In fact, the giant panda has the largest molar teeth of any carnivore.

It lives in the mountain region in China, in high-altitude, moist bamboo forest, before they were widespread throughout southern and eastern China, as well as neighboring Myanmar and northern Vietnam.

The Giant Panda is a very interesting animal! Sadly it is endangered. It has black, white, and brown fur. People think that the colors are camouflage to blend in with snowy and rocky surrounding. They are two and three feet tall on all four legs from the ground to their shoulders. Males are larger than females, weighing 250 pounds and females rarely go to 220 pounds.

Giant Panda BearBy: Sofia


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