Giant Panda

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Giant Panda

Food & Shelter-Panda's live in and eat bamboo.-They can eat as much as 84 pounds of bamboo a day.-Panda's are mostly found in bamboo forests in Western China

Physical Description

How you can help


Fun Facts

-You can volunteer/donate to one of the many organizations that help rescue Giant Pandas-Tell people to vote against budget proposals that would stop funding for endangered species.-Adopt a Panda(simbolically)WWF

Giant Panda

-Pandas weigh about 4 ounces at birth-Pandas are born without hair-A baby panda does not open it's eyes untill 1 to 2 months after its birth.-Its teeth form at approximately 14 weeks

Opposable Thumbs-used for grasping objects such as bamboo.

Strong Jaw & Molars-used to bight on the tough bamboo

Large fur coat-used to keep the panda warm in the forest

-Habitat Loss: Due to the growth in population in China, the panda habitat is being turned into homes, railroads, and more. This restricts the pandas from from food, water, and possibly mating.-Hunting: Although there have been many laws put up to prevent hunters from hunting pandas for their fur, people still kill them both accidentally and on purpose.

-Pandas make many noises such as roaring and growling.-Pandas are very flexible.-Pandas have unusually large bones for their size.

-Pandas teeth are 7 times bigger than human teeth-The Chinese call them "Big Bear Cat"


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