Giant Kangaroo Rat

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Giant Kangaroo Rat

Southern United States and MexicoIn the Desert


Where my animal lives: Mexico and Southern United States

Giant Kangaroo Rat (Dipodomys ingens)

Name: Kiara Ms. Bias 2nd hour

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My Sources

Their total size is 31.2-34.8.Their tail Size is 15.7-19.4. They can jump 6.5 feet or more with hop.They leave the nest after 4 or 5 weeks.They only grow 15 inches.They use the front feet to stuff food in their mouth.

Interesting facts

Level of Endangerment: Endangered

Why I'm endangered

How we are saving them

My plan to save them:

Habitat loss as desert areas were converted to argriuculture combination of overgrazing cultivation, mining operations and the introduction exotic plants

A Recovery Plan has been developed survival ofthe species and population are protected within the Carrizo Plan Natural Heritage Reserved and a number of Federal lands

My plan to save them is to take them to their habitat and take all the other animals out so they cant eat the Giant Kangaroo Rats


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