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Because it is a illusion that you can try it it is a good thing to try.

Fact ghosts are sometimes illusions.Did you know that if you go to bed and theres a mirror in your room you might see two heads when your about to go to sleep!isn't that pretty cool


Fact can people see ghostsA lot of people can see ghosts exept for the fact that different people see different ghosts.

Fact demons are a type of ghost that can haunt a place and can throw stuff at a wall.

Another fact did you know that there different tipes of ghosts i will name some ghost/poltergheist/demons

Fact did you know ghosts are made of ectoplasm.It's a true statement scientists have been studying what ghosts have been made of.

Ghosts are not as mean as you think they can stay in one place but cannot haunt you (unless it's a demon)

Poltergheists are a type of ghost that can haunt any thingng.They cannot fling or throw anything at you.

Demons are a type of ghost that can haunt a place and can throw things at you.

Ghosts are paranormal but they may just want to go to heaven.

Not every type of ghost is mean but demons are the meanest type of ghost in the world.Some people die in space and there ghost is endlessley wandering in space.

What if a demon haunted your house?The demon would be flinging glass cups or things at walls.

What would happen if a ghost stayed on one of it's belongings?It would be protecting it's belonging (it depends on what it is)

What if a poltergheist is haunting a room?It will stay there until it wants to go to heaven.

What would happen if a ghost died in space?It would be endlessley wandering.

What if a ghost haunted the white house?The ghost might be a famous president.

What if a ghost lived in a mansion and it made pictures come to life?It would be a poltergheist (or a demon)

What if a poltergheist lives on a couch?That may be one of it's belongings.

What if a demon lived in a mansion?It woul haunt it.

What if a kid died?It's ghost may be with i's parents and they don't no.

What if a ghost stays on earth?It might haunt a house.


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